Planting the Seeds of Inclusion

Pacific Dawn's mission is to end the poverty, isolation, discrimination and violence experienced by women with disAbilities. We are working to ensure we get the services and supports we need, have access to opportunities that non-disAbled people take for granted, and have freedom of choice in all aspects of our lives.

As a feminist grassroots cross-disAbility organization, Pacific DAWN works on ending the isolation for women with disAbilities, skill development aimed at increasing the participation of women with disAbilities in public policy discussions, and encouraging and supporting the autonomy and self-realization of its members, as women, as people with disAbilities and as citizens of Canada.

With a grant from the Western Regional office, Status of Women, the women of Pacific DAWN have embarked on a quest ­ a revitalization of the network, one which has as a lofty goal, the ending of exclusion for women with disAbilities..

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