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Terry Tyab

Board Member

She has been involved with Pacific Dawn since the beginning. Since joining Pacific Dawn she has learned so much about the unheard issues of women with a disability now she is an added voice for others.

She also has been an Advocate Worker for many years and loves to stand up for ALL people but more so for those with physical as well as mental disabilities. She has also been on the Accessibility Committee at City Hall in her community where she lives and has helped the little town become more accessible.

Good Bye Pat we will miss you and thank you for your 15yrs of support.

Passed Jan 13. 2017

Pat Kelln

Executive Director for Pacific DAWN

After years of working in the violence against women field, particularly in speaking for victims’ rights, and being a long time member of Pacific DAWN it became more and more apparent that main stream services were totally ignoring women with disAbilties. She was involved in obtaining BC Societal Registration, in particular the by-laws for Pacific DAWN. As the acknowledged spokesperson for Pacific DAWN she continued to ensure that the issues of women with disAbilties and the Deaf were taken into account whenever violence against women was discussed. She had facilitated a number of workshops for main stream anti-violence workers and had just successfully facilitated a workshop for people with disAbilties (Inclusion BC Conference) about abusive relationships and had hope to continue to facilitate dialogue and inclusion of women with disAbilties and their issues..


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