Reviewed and Selected by P. Kelln-Spokesperson Pacific DAWN

The following is critique of the best of the literature I have discovered over the past 5 years in my role as spokesperson for Pacific DAWN-DisAbled Women’s Network. Though some may seem repetitive in nature, they only reinforce the true nature of living with a disAbilitiy.

I ask those who have any type of intake form or procedure to please ensure the following questions are included. They are intended to invite clients to state their needs without segregating the disAbled from the able bodied.

1)Do you have any accommodation/accessibility needs?

2)Is there anything else we should know about?

3)Please feel free to tell us if you have needs you think we should be aware of?

4)Is there anything we need to know about you in order to provide the best service possible?.

*Socio-Economic Trends Report on Disability, Mental Health and Wellness Alberta (24 pages) offers a quick overview of a cross section of disabilities and their prevalence in both Alberta and Canada.

Language can have an enormous impact on how society views the world but more importantly on the person who the words apply. Though various Disabiltiy Movements around the world are taking back hurtful words such as handicapped Words with Dignity is accepted by North America.

Crime Against Persons with Disabilities, 2009-2012 Statistical Tables USA (22 pages) though American there is nothing comparable in Canada. Though brief the statistical tables gives the reader a comparison of serious violent crime and simple assault against people with disabilities vs. those without.

"Building the Evidence" A report on the status of policy and practice in responding to violence against women with disabilities in Victoria.


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