"Combating Violence & Abuse of People with Disabilities A Call to Action" by Nancy M. Fitzsimons, MSW, PHD Minnesota State University, Mankato, Paul H. BROOKES Publishing Co. An excellent book, covering everything from the Guiding Principles for Combating Violence and Abuse, Empowering People with Disabilities to Prevent Violence and Abuse to a section and activities for people with disabilities to undertake to protect themselves.

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"Violence Against People with Disabilities" has been published and is available digitally from Kindle eBooks.

Stop Violence Against People with Disabilities! An International Resource provides a multinational and multidisciplinary perspective on violence and abuse against children and adults with disabilities. The book’s focus is children and adults who have little or no functional speech as a result of a variety of disabilities. Because of this disability, they are especially vulnerable to violence and are often denied access to the justice system.

Stop Violence Against People with Disabilities! An International Resource is intended for peers who work in the fields of disability and law. Persons with disabilities and their carers are the major stakeholders and can learn much from the chapters in the book and the resources provided in the appendices. Abstracts have been written in the home language of the author and in Easy English.

Anyone who is committed to human rights and to ensuring that the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities is implemented in their countries will benefit from reading this book..