Academic Research

Literature Review on Concurrent Disorders in Victims of Domestic Violence Prairie Associates (6 pages) The purpose of this review is to provide an overview of the insights obtained from the literature on domestic violence and concurrent substance abuse mental health disorders, and to inform stakeholders’ interests in supporting service provision in this critical area..

Aging into a Disabiltiy (19 pages) Alberta Anecdotal evidence indicates a difference in aging with a disAbiltiy than aging into a disAbiltiy though there is little research indicating this. This research brief discusses the later.

Best Practices in Staff Training to Support Adults with Complex Services Needs: A Guide to Developing Good Practice Ontario (22 pages) touches on the reason women with disAbilties are at greatest risk and a wonderful section on Communication.

Communication and Access Barriers for those with DisAbilities Alberta (22 pages) is a short overview of the difficulties faced by people with disAbilties when encountering the justice system.

Document on Violence against Women with Disabilties International (17 pages) defines what constitutes violence against women with disabilities, the intersection between disability and gender-based violence, why women with disabilities are targets of violence, and includes a list of recommendations.

Making the links "Disabled Women and Domestic Violence" Final Report (England)(103 pages) is one of the most in depth cross disabiltiy report on violence against women that I have found. Though long it is a must read if you are new to this field.

Rocking the Cradle: Ensuring the Rights of Parents with Disabilties and Their Children (USA) pages is a comprehensive look at all the issues facing people with disAbilties when attempting to enforce their rights as to their children. One of the main issues throughout is the negative bias that systems and individuals have towards the capabilities of those with disAbilties.

Disabled people’s experiences of Nature, Scope, Causes and Consequences (229 pages) title says it all, This report is a great begin to understanding some of the myths and barriers that women with disAbilties face, as it looks at how different countries face the problem.

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