DisAbilitiy Specific Research

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Autism and Asperger Syndrome and Domestic Abuse (28 pages) no longer exists in the format I first found. It has been adapted by the Diocese of Oxford and now includes numerous references and examples to the Church. I still think it contains invaluable information about the subject and as it is a short read worth recommending. It includes what is it, and Quick Low Cost Things to Make a Difference for People with ASD.

Abuse as it Affects People with Asperger’s Syndrome and Autisma> is a web page designed for those with the noted disAbilties..


Beyond Belief, Beyond Justice The difficulties for victim/survivors with disAbilties when reporting sexual assault and seeking justice(81 pages).Though from Australia this report covers everything from why individuals with cognitive impairments are at higher risk to some ways to make testifying in court easier.

Breaking Through Barriers: Overcoming Challenges Faced by Crime Victims with Cognitive or Developmental Disabilties (41 pages) provides a more in-depth look at the factors that contribute to a higher risk, some of the barriers they face and some ideas on how to break those barriers.

Real people, core business Living Safer Sexual Lives: Respectful Relationships (69 pages) People with intellectual disAbilties often are thought of as either non-sexual or over sexual. From Australia this report is on the development and implementation of a peer led violence and abuse prevention program for people with an intellectual disabiltiy. Sections included are Program design & implementation, Program Evaluation, Discussion and Conclusions and Program outputs. The original research report Living Safer Sexual Lives Final Report, which contains participants stories can be found by clicking Read more...

Special Education FLASH a curriculum in Family Life and Sexual Health for middle & high school student with special needs (multiple sections) from Washington State, though for teachers could be used in any group setting and or provide ideas and material for one to one instruction.

Overcoming Challenges Faced by Crime Victims with Cognitive or Developmental Disabilities USA (41 pages) is an academic look at the numerous system and other factors that come into play when people with Cognitive or Developmental Disabilties become a crime victim.

Working Together A guide to Developing Good Practice Ontario (22 pages) this guide was developed as a result of a project informed both by service providers and women with intellectual disAbilties. It includes a look at sterilization as a means of abuse.


Stand Up! Speak Out! An advocacy Guide for Blind, Deaf-Blind and Partially sighted Canadians (95 pages) is a comprehensive guide outlining such things as the various forms of advocacy, the advocacy process, barriers to advocacy and other challenges, case scenarios and even includes media releases etc should you not be able to resolve your difficulty without public pressure.


Understanding the Needs of the Victims of Sexual Assault in the Deaf Community www.ncjrs.gov/pdffiles1/nij/grants/212867.pdf (115 pages). This research study examines the perceptions of Deaf and hearing service providers who assist Deaf individuals with the aftermath of sexual victimization. It also deals with why, and what service gaps exist. Family Violence and the Deaf: Legal Education and Information Issues: A National Needs Assessment Canada (39 pages) is as it says an overview of the needs of the Deaf community. It is important to note that the DEAF do not consider themselves disabled and have their own language and culture as do other minority communities.


AAC Strategies: in the Home, School & Community. (78 pages)BC though intended for students gives an in-depth look at the various assistive devices that individuals with communication can use.


Michigan Study on Women with Physical Disabilties, Final Report (32 pages) is an academic look at the prevalence and reasons for the higher risk Women with Physical Disabilties face.

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